trademark,patent,copyright,designs,geographical indications,IPR,registration,law,consultants

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trademark,patent,copyright,designs,geographical indications,IPR,registration,law,consultants

By vxjc trademark,patent,copyright,designs,geographical indications,IPR,registration,law,consultants (30+ days ago)

• We are trademark/servicemark[tradename,company/businessname,domain name,emblem,logo,artworks,domain names,invented words, A device, logo or representation
• A name or signature
• A word, words, phrase or slogan
• A letter or series of letters
• A numeral or series of numerals
• The shape and configuration of a product or part thereof
• The pattern and ornamentation appearing on a product, packaging or advertising materials
• A colour or combination of colours
• A container for goods
• or any combination of the aforementioned.
etc],patent{new products,technology,process,inventions etc..etc}, ,design&patterns[applicable to articles]registration,industrial designs registration,copyright(books, computer software,movies etc..etc.),geographical indications&other intellectual property rights consultants;do contact us for the consultancy&advice for the registrations&allied matters.

If your trademark/servicemark possess unique artistic characteristics;such as, designs,colour combinations,letter style,or any other novel feature,you can avail copyright registration for it,after complying some formalities and thereby get protection in all classes of trademarks/servicemarks.By adopting this method,you can avoide increased central excise liability;applicable to goods sold under registered trademarks,as well.
trademark registration and renewal in India and foreign countries,patent registration services in india and foreign countries,copyright registration in India, Industrial design registration and renewal in India nad abroad,IE code,import export code registration in kerala,company formation services in kerala
societies registration services, trusts registration services and school registration services that includes formation & registration U/s 12A, income tax act and registration under foreign contribution regulation act (FCRA), company incorporation.
Corporate Planning and structuring, generally prior to incorporation
• International Joint Ventures Agreements
• Incorporating Companies
• Tax Planning
• Shareholders agreements
• Agreements with the subsidiary
• Lease/sales agreements
• Trust (NGO) /Society (NGO)/ Section 25 Non profitable company (NGO)
• U/s 12- A Income Tax Act
• U/s 80G Income Tax Act
• U/s 35 AC
• Partnership / prop. ship Firm
• Pvt. Ltd. Company
• Incorporation of company, registration of Trust, society & NGO, LLP, Trade Mark registration

• Negotiations with governmental agencies and joint venture partners
• Governmental approvals for investing in India or for joint ventures
• Identification of joint venture partners
• Incorporating companies in Any where in the world
• Corporate maintenance and Corporate annual and quarterly filings
• Recruitment of personnel
• Employment Agreements
• Due diligence
• Corporate laws
• Registration of Trade Marks and Patents
• Copyrights & intellectual property laws
• Licensing and Distribution Agreements
• Corporate M&A
• Outsourcing Agreements : BPO & KPO
• Telecommunications
• Information Technology
• Biotechnology
• Antitrust and competition
• Infrastructure Projects
• Corporate Finance
• Banking and restructuring
• Real Estate - Property law
• Corporate law
• Business Law
• Commercial Law
• Incorporating Companies
• Tax Planning
• Negotiations
• Governmental approvals
• Corporate maintenance
• Employment law
• Mergers & acquisitions
• Project Financing
• Intellectual Property
• Merger & Acquisitions

• International Commercial Arbitration
• Arbitration before International Chamber of Commerce, Paris (ICC)
• Arbitration before American Arbitration Association (AAA)
• World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Disputes
• Arbitration
• Dispute resolution
• Intellectual property and real property Disputes
• IP Disputes, BPO Disputes
• Contractual Disputes
• Recovery of Money
• Business and Civil Disputes
• Litigation & Arbitration Law
• ICC, AAA, WTO & WIPO Arbitration

Business Process Outsourcing Law
• Outsourcing Agreements
• Outsourcing Employment Agreements
• Outsourcing Joint Ventures
• BPO Agreements
• KPO Agreements
• Outsourcing Tax Planning
• Government Approvals for Outsourcing

Transactional Documentation
• Licensing and Distribution Agreements
• Outsourcing Agreements
• Agency & Franchise

Intellectual Property Law
• Trademark Registration
Copyright registration

• Patents Registration

Legal Outsourcing

Vxjc, 44/1656 B(2), thefinanceprofessional@gmail.comVxjc house-Audit Centre,Vyloppilly Krishnamenon Road(V.K.M.Road),Near Lenin Centre,Kaloor,Kochi-682017,Kerala,India.

We are trademark/servicemark,copyright,patent,designs and patterns,industrial designs, geographical indications registration,and law consultants.Contact us for registration,allied formalities and legal advice relating to trademarks/servicemarks,patents,designs(industrial and others),copyrights,geographical indications and other intellectual property rights,legal advice and consultancy for NRI's to set up business/industry in india,laws relating to foreign investment,NRI,s,foreign citizens,foreign collaboration,entrepreneurs ofvarous catagories,international taxation,indian tax laws,indian corporate and other connected with business,industry,commerce,foreign trade,import export,repatriation benefits,FCRA,NGO registration,public charitable trust registration,private trust registration,charitable society registration,income tax registration,co-operative societies registration,association,club registration,tax laws etc.LLP,NGO,companies,partnership firms,charitable societies,public and private trusts,import export licence(ie code),business laws,economic laws,commercial laws,intellectual property lawsFERA,tradelaws,industrial laws and licences,tax laws(income tax,VAT,wealth tax,service tax etc...etc.),corporate laws,accounts management,quality certification systems(iso,isi,fpo,ce marking,haccp,hallmarking etc..etc.),companies act,international trade,business and commerce laws,excise laws,cyber laws,it laws,co-operate societies,sebi laws; as also management systems. Consultancy and advisory service offerred for all the abovesaid,as wellall other related vxjc,ph.91-484-2538772,91-484-2538771,,,

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trademark,patent,copyright,designs,geographical indications,IPR,registration,law,consultants
trademark,patent,copyright,designs,geographical indications,IPR,registration,law,consultants (30+ days ago)
• We are trademark/servicemark[tradename,company/businessname,domain name,emblem,logo,artworks,doma... Read More