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statlook Resources

By statlook (30+ days ago)

Statlook Resource feature is a part of Statlook system that covers the matter of software and hardware management in your enterprise. This kind of activity is of a paramount importance nowadays, when the companies are in vast need to control the condition of their licenses and inventory in order to maintain financial fluency.
Statlook Resources serves such purposes as:

Software Asset Management – successful implementation of SAM technology ensures that your software investments and explotation will be organized neatly and coherently.

License Compliance – as you are able to control the whereabouts of licenses in your company, you are able of aggregate all the necessary data and manage them in order to keep your software legal by all means.

Hardware Inventory – it is also necessary to control your physical resources. Automated remote inventory system enables you to save time and organize hardware efficiently.

Unauthorized software detection- by monitoring the means of accessing your company’s devices, you make sure that nothing goes beyond your control. Equip yourself with this knowledge and let your enterprise to stay secure.

Barcode system - assigning devices with labels and barcodes finds its application in organizing companies’ finances. Provide yourself with comfort and safety – become a statlook client.

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