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statlook Monitoring

By statlook (30+ days ago)

Being a software designed in order to enhance workers’ productivity, Statlook Monitoring is a solution that ensures both with Internet usage control and data leakage protection. It enables you to keep surveillance over such matters as printing, taskbar content monitoring, the time and the amount of activity spent on websites.
Statlook Monitoring allows you to perform such actions as:
Printer Monitoring – with the possibility to recognize information concerning the type of documents as well as their size, format and colours, you are able to prevent the data leakage from the most common source.
Monitor Internet Usage – this solution enables you to observe which websites are most frequently visited by end-users. All of these actions are now possible to perform without jeopardizing their privacy.
Employee Surveillance – Apart from internet usage, there are other means of cyberslacking. With statlook monitoring, you are able to prevent such phenomenon from happening.
USB Storage Devices Monitoring – as you are able to control the flow of information in your company, you equip yourself with a tool to secure a company’s confidential data.
Computer Use Analysis – Being able to track down the changes in both your software and hardware makes you prepared to plan necessary upgrades of your devices. Manage your IT infrastructure efficiently.

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