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We are a professional Plastic Gallon Pots, Plastic Injection Gallon Planters, Plastic Grow Pots and Carry Trays, Plastic Propagation Tray, Plastic Flat Trays, Plastic Decorative Containers, Plastic Nutrition Pots manufacturer and supplier in China, having more than 19 years manufacturing experience, 35,000m2 workshop area, serving more than 3,000 customers worldwide. Our Mission is to provide high quality, factory price products to you! We pride ourselves on providing a quick and efficient production turnaround for our clients, no matter the size of the order. Welcome to contact us for free samples! We will reply within 24 hours!

When many friends fertilize plants with tea, eggshells, etc., they directly buckle the fertilizer on the basin soil, which is unscientific. The remaining tea leaves are easy to get moldy and stink, which pollutes the air; however, the fresh eggshell buckled on the basin soil is not elegant, and the remaining egg white will flow into the soil, affecting the permeability of the soil, and the fermentation of the egg white will produce hydrogen sulfide, which is very unpleasant. The right way to do this is to mix tea, eggshell and soil and use them after composting or drying eggshell tea.

Before you start planting perfume lemon, you must first prepare the flowerpots, and the flowerpots should meet the advantages of breathability and drainage. The soil should also be more breathable, not dirty soil, and remember to disinfect before use. Buy high-quality perfume lemon seedlings. After you get it, put the seedlings in the water and soak for almost 20 minutes. After that, open the bag outside the seedling. It is better to keep the soil ball attached to its root. If all the soil balls are removed, the seedling will slow down for a long time.

In addition to the fertilizer selected for fertilization should be carried out according to the requirements, the fertilization skills are also very important. Do not splash the fertilizer solution on the long-lived flower leaves, otherwise it is easy to cause the leaves to rot; but sometimes it is inevitable that the fertilizer solution will be splashed on the leaves due to careless operation, at this time, it should be washed off immediately with water. Compared with the fertilization of other potted flowers and plants, the fertilization of potted longevity flowers often needs to be more careful, because there are some differences in fertilization.

If the light intensity is not strong, it is recommended to provide sufficient light for it, which is very important for plant growth. However, when the summer temperature is up to 30 ° C, and the light intensity is too strong, it is necessary to timely take shade treatment and spray water to moisturize and cool down. Otherwise, the plant will enter the dormancy state under high temperature environment, so the plant becomes very slow. When the temperature is as low as 15 ° C, measures should be taken to keep warm and keep warm in time, especially in the low temperature environment in winter.

When planting, a part of the soil shall be placed under the basin first, and the planting shall be started from one side of the basin, and evenly planted in the basin. Generally speaking, the tiger skin orchid must change the basin every two years, or carry on the branch propagation. Cutting and branching are the most commonly used methods of propagation. Compared with leaf cutting propagation, the biggest advantage of branching propagation is that it can keep Phnom Penh of Phnom Penh, which is generally carried out in combination with basin change in spring.

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