Hydraulic Tire Debeader

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Hydraulic Tire Debeader

By Whirlston Tire Recycling Machinery (30+ days ago)

Tire de-beading, as the first step in waste tire recycling, really plays an irreplaceable role. Tire debeader is specially designed to pull out the bead wires inside tires’ sidewalls completely before the shredding process, especially for the waste tire with the diameter of less than 1200mm. Prior to shredding, de-beading can produce a cleaner end product, providing less wear of shredder. After de-beading, the subsequent waste tire shredding can be processed smoothly.
Features of Tire Debeader
* The hook is made of welded alloy, sturdy and wearable surface.
* Tire debeader has protective frame, effectively avoid the insecurity when pulling the bead ring.
* Motor and reducer are integrated, the structure is compact.
* Equipped with integral base pedestal, easy installation and operation.
* The hydraulic system adopts international advanced plunger pump technology, low noise, high pressure and high stability.
More details:http://www.tirerecyclingmachines.com/product/Hydraulic-Tire-Debeader.html

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