Bogie Hearth Furnace

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Bogie Hearth Furnace

By Vacuum Furnace Manufacturers (30+ days ago)

The industrial furnace with its extraordinary efficiency & higher processing temperature has already replaced the open-air systems over the past few years. For handling temperatures above 400 degrees Celsius, the closed system of industrial furnaces is certainly a reliable alternative. No wonder why most of the manufacturing and production companies are so interested in investing in a top-notch industrial furnace in their factory. Bogie Hearth Furnace from Therelek is one of the premium brands of industrial furnace that can put up with the heat of 1500°C. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial furnaces, Therelek brings you custom designed furnaces for any special requirements. It can be effortlessly used for high-temperature applications like hardening, sintering, annealing and normalizing. Also, for the low-temperature applications like tempering and stress relieving, boogie worth furniture works wonder. As already mentioned boogie hearth furniture comes with top-notch features. The control system is provided with options to set and control the ramping rate, soaking rate and cooling rate (which is totally dependent on the process cycle). For an effortless operation, the option of PLC-based control is also available. The biggest advantage of boogie hearth furnace is it can effortlessly work on an open atmosphere and also in the controlled atmosphere as per the requirements. Featuring an exceptional design the product ensures excellent temperature uniformity throughout the heating chamber. It ensures that the heat is evenly distributed as per the process parameters and heating cycles.

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