FREE Distant Healing Worldwide

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FREE Distant Healing Worldwide

By Surya Sol Sun (30+ days ago)

Free Distant Healing Worldwide

This program takes time and you need to have an incentive and intention. If you are in desperate need, please join this but also review our other life coaching and energy wellness services. This is a start to a new transformation within your life and the world. Anyone anywhere can join.

This is a distant healing program created by Surya Sol Sun. It doesn't matter what religion you are in or what you believe. You will be given a list on this web page on how to apply, rules and details of each Transformational Change Distant Healing program.

You are asking, “What do I need to do?”

This is a distant healing meditation program where each participant is willing to sit for 13 minutes a day at a specific time given.

Below are the times you pick for your slot, or you can choose all of them. These times apply to all times zones no matter the difference. YOU CAN BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD AT YOUR TIME which is THE time.

5:03 AM | 7:03 AM | 9:03 AM | 12:03 PM | 10:03 PM


What you need to do is to make sure that you will not be disturbed for 13 minutes each day at the time you choose above
You are to close your eyes
You are to be seated with the spine straight
Your feet are to be touching flat on the ground
You are to just accept self
You must say taking a breath in and exhaling, “I accept myself” three times before you start the meditation
Next, you must say “If I have offended anybody, I am sorry.”
Next, you must say “ I surrender, therefore I am open to receive”
From there you allow the Light to penetrate down.
You will say your faith or you can say a sacred spirit a holy spirit, a Spirit, or whatever fills your heart with unconditional love. You are able to start immediate and practice this for 108 days at the same time every day.
If you are sick, and cannot sit up, you must do the meditation for 17 minutes (same process as instructions above but lying down)

Who is Distant Healing For and How Much?

Please understand that is project is teaching everyone to let go and your energy will flow. This project is not your average project because we not looking at good or bad here.

Here’s our understanding: If you don’t have a dollar to give, we have a free program but be sure to understand the meaning of having and not having. You are able to email us right now and join this for nothing.

If you do have a dollar to give, you are able to pay $1 to be apart of this program

If you do have to give, you are able to pay the full payment of $108.00 to be apart of the program

For more information:


This program is designed to make a fold and shift into your life. A shift. You decide what you are worth. This program starts tomorrow. After payment, you are to email us a picture of you and state what you are willing to receive. Get rid of wants and desires and just tell us what you are going through.

Distant Healing Program Extra Rules:

If you are on the free program, our staff reads everything and everyone immediately goes on the healing program.

If you are a paid $1 program, you can add one child that is in need on the healing including yourself.

If you are a paid $108 program, you can add your immediate family on the healing including yourself. They do not need to join in, you do.

Every 108 days it is up to you to renew your plan. For the ones who go free, you should at some point pay the $1 pr $108 plan. This is you choice but the work has been done.

Please understand that the work has already been done and will be done. Do not send us a bunch of emails asking to speak to staff unless it is very serious. If you are in need of a consultation on what is going on, only if you are the $108 service a staff member will get to you and speak with you. Please allow time as staff will handle the situations accordingly.

We are not doctors nor act like we are. We are not psychologists. We do state that anyone can join this program and get the support and relief you need. This for the world. For all the students to come. For all the teachers to come. This is understanding cause and effect. There is nothing else you need to do.

Best wishes on the 108 days of Light.

Universal Love,
Surya Sol Sun

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