UniRover 3S

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UniRover 3S

By Spectra (30+ days ago)

UniRover 3S is Spectra’s innovative range of portable offering with a sound RFID authentication technology. Being easy to carry and use, it offers a number of usage choices to its users. From infrastructure sites to school buses, to mining, this card-based product can handle exhausting usage, with ease. Bearing in mind its outdoor uses the product’s exterior is covered with a rubber gasket, giving the product an elegant look and feel.

UniRover 3S is created to smooth data communication across channels. It can communicate via a number of interfaces such as USB, wi-fi, GPRS, inbuilt GPS to better process your data transfers. Its USB interface even allows the facility for on-site device software update, giving you that much needed peace of mind. UniRover 3S gives companies hassle-free and paperless access control.

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UniRover 3S - Attendance management system - Canteen management system

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