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Atlanta & Chattanooga Investment Firm

By Southport Capital (30+ days ago)

The Southport Capital investment process utilizes a combination of top-down review and macro indicators coupled with sound fundamental analysis. It is through this disciplined security selection process that Southport Capital develops opinions on sectors that are positioned for outperformance, and within those sectors, which stocks—or ETFs—are positioned for additional return. As compared to traditional bottom-up research, Southport Capital has incorporated macro opinions into the stock selection process, which has brought added value in crafting optimal portfolios in various market conditions.
After significant review, if individual securities do not meet our investment criteria, we will use ETFs to meet our sector weighting requirements and to meet diversification needs.
Knowing when to buy is only part of the equation!
We also employ a very disciplined and deliberate process on the sell side. If the underlying investment premise for a company or economic sector changes, a stock eclipses our target valuation, or the portfolio becomes over-weighted in a particular holding, we analyze the situation and respond accordingly
A few words about Fixed Income securities.
While we are driven by the belief that equities should comprise the predominant share of investment portfolios, we also believe that an allocation of bonds can provide valuable diversification. In addition, we also recognize that for investors with a lower risk tolerance or specific current income needs, fixed income securities may need to play a greater role within the portfolio.
Our approach to bond investing is very similar to our equity process. We focus on quality by identifying A-rated or better securities which minimizes credit risk and structure laddered maturities to help reduce interest rate risk.

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Atlanta & Chattanooga Investment Firm
Atlanta & Chattanooga Investment Firm (30+ days ago)
The Southport Capital investment process utilizes a combination of top-down review and macro indica... Read More