Phenolic Series

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Phenolic Series

By Saton Industrial Limited (30+ days ago)

We offer phenolic series to meet different clients' requirement.

Phenolic handwheels - Resistant to solvents, oils, grease and other chemical agents. The primary function of handwheels are to deliver via turning action precise adjustments in minute increments if required. Our handwheels are excellent for machining or any situation where precise adjustments are a requirement.

One black phenolic handwheel with a handle is shown to us.
PS-01: Phenolic handwheel is resistant to high temperature, solvent and common chemicals.There is one black phenolic handwheel with folding wheel.
PS-02: Phenolic handwheel with folding handle for operation regulation.
This is a phenolic handwheel with double handles, and the two handles have different sizes.
PS-03: Custom made product - phenolic handwheel with double handles.There is one black handwheel for milling machine.
PS-04: Black handwheel for vertical milling machine and universal milling machine.
Phenolic hand knobs in tapped and stud versions have excellent strength and electrical insulating properties. Two to seven arms/lobes are available to meet different requirements.

Two phenolic three lobe hand knobs, tapped with molded in brass insert.
PS-05: Tapped phenolic 3 lobe knob with brass insert.This is a phenolic hand knob with four lobes and threaded stud.
PS-06: Phenolic hand knob with four lobes ensures positive palm comfort.
Two phenolic knobs in red and black, each one has five lobes.
PS-07: 5 lobe phenolic knobs in red and black.There are two phenolic knobs with two colors, each one has six lobes.
PS-08: 6 lobe phenolic knobs in red and black.
There is one phenolic knob with seven lobes.
PS-09: 7 lobe phenolic knobs in black.This is a phenolic T-handle hand knob, with rigid steel stud.
PS-10: Phenolic T-handle hand knob features a stud made from the highest quality steel.
Phenolic ball knobs
Comfortable-grip ball knobs are ideal for shift levers, control levers, and push/pull rods. Phenolic plastic provides a hard smooth shiny finish. Molded-in brass or zinc plated insert provides superior thread strength. Resistant to oils and most chemicals.

One black phenolic ball knob is shown, with high quality brass insert and high gloss finish.
PS-11: Black phenolic ball knob in black with brass insert.Four phenolic ball knobs are displayed, two are red, one is black and one is blue.
PS-12: Phenolic ball knobs with the color of red and black.
There is one ball knob in black, it has female thread with zinc plated steel insert.
PS-13: Black phenolic ball knob with zinc plated steel insert.Four oval phenolic ball knobs are shown, with zinc plated steel insert or brass insert.
PS-14: Black oval phenolic ball knobs with zinc plated steel insert or brass insert.
Phenolic caster wheels are molded from prime phenolic resin compounds for maximum density and strength. They are designed for a high load rating without damaging floors in intermittent service. Resistant to grease, oil and most chemicals.

One phenolic caster wheel in black.
PS-15: Phenolic wheel is molded from prime phenolic resin compounds for maximum density and strength.There is one rigid phenolic caster shown, one wheel installed with metal frame.
PS-16: Rigid phenolic casters serve for food service, heavy equipment, factory and other applications.
This is a phenolic caster with factory installed footbrake.
PS-17: Easy rolling phenolic wheel protects floors and resists shock, water and oil.
Phenolic material has excellent strength and electrical insulating properties.
High temperature resistance up to 150 °C.
Custom parts are available to meet different requirements.
Areas for application use: portable tools, machine shift levers on machine tools, bakery equipment, factory uses, heavy equipment.

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