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O Rings

By Saton Industrial Limited (30+ days ago)

O rings are used to seal liquids or gases against leakage and loss, which work as mechanical seals for every machine requiring fluid containment. The shape of an o ring is akin to that of a doughnut in its mathematical description, from which it derives its name. Furthermore, because of its circular shape, an o ring is well suited for both static or dynamic applications.

There are several rubber o rings, they have different diameters.
OR-01: Black rubber o-rings.A variety of rubber o rings with different colours and sizes.
OR-02: Rubber o rings with various colours.
These are some silicone o rings with different diameters.
OR-03: Silicone o rings are non-toxic, colorless and odorless, and the size is customized.It shows one syringe with needle, silicone o ring is in the position where the arrow points.
OR-04: Silicone o ring can be used in medical area.
Temperature range: -40 °F to +250 °F.
Standard color: black.
Material type:
Natural rubber
How to select the material?
Four points help you make a selection of o ring material.
How the unit will operate. Will it be static or dynamic sealing?
The media to be sealed: fluid, gas, chemicals, etc.
Temperature extremes.
Pressure range.
How to describe an o ring?
There are three crucial dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, cross section) to measure an o ring when trying to find the right size of o ring.

It shows the geometry of an o ring, three dimensions are marked to help you measure an o ring.
OR-05: O ring geometry helps describe the dimension.
Getting the right hardness.
Getting the right hardness is one of the key factors to selecting the right o-ring for your application. It is measured by the Shore A durometer, the higher the durometer, the harder the compound. Generally, 70 durometer hardness should be used whenever possible, as it offers the best combination of properties for most o ring applications.

O-rings can seal pressure to over 5000 psi in static or dynamic applications.
O rings require little room and they are lightweight.
In many cases, an o ring can be reused.
Not easy to be broken for no critical torque on tightening.
Cost effective way to maintain.
Wide variety of sizes for choice.
Easy to install.
O-ring applications are categorized by the type of relative motion occurring between the mating surface. Static applications involve sealing between two mating parts that do not move. Dynamic sealing describes applications where the mating parts are moving in relation to on another.

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O Rings

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