Charpy Projector(Model RPP-250C)

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Charpy Projector(Model RPP-250C)


Charpy Projector RPP-250C is a bench type model suitable for all types of measurements and inspection for use in different industries. Its multilayer coated projection lenses provide high transmission with optimum contrast, suitable for contour images. The equipment ensures high accuracy in dimensional measurements.
It is used for Metallic materials - Charpy notch impact V and U type gap tests. The instrument magnifies impact specimen gap's outline and projects it on to screen to compare with standard sample drawings. This helps to check whether the tested specimen gap is within tolerance or not as per BIS / International Standards. The comparison is directly visible and operation is very simple with high accuracy.
Episcope illuminator is designed on halogen bulb system, provided to ensure brilliant projection on fine ground glass screen, rotatable through 360° with vernier reading to six minute of an arc. The screen has cross & detachable clips to hold comparator charts.
A precision micrometer measuring system with Rotary stage is mounted on the table. Circular graduated scale is divided into 360° in steps of one degree with vernier reading to 6 minutes. Lifelong smooth movement is ensured with the incorporation of hard steel balls both in longitudinal and transverse slides.

Magnification - 50X (Standard)
Screen Diameter - 250 mm.
Field of View - 5 mm.
Working Distance - Contour 40 mm.
X-Y-Z Displacement - 40 x 40 x 40 mm.
Specimen Platform - Size 160 x 300 mm.
Dimensions/Weight - Nett 55x35x86 cm. / 38 Kgs. Gross 74x 46x 94 cm. / 80 kgs
Cross Travel Stage - X-Y Table size 125 x 125 mm. Travel upto 40x40 mm. (with Gauge Blocks).Micro-Head Standard 0-25mm. L.C.0.01mm. Rotary Stage Glass diameter 62 mm.
Illumination - Contour illuminator 24V/150W (Halogen) : A Green filter incorporated into the optical system, to reduce eye strain, improve contrast and eliminate any trace of residual chromatic aberration. The light source with halogen lamp offers increased contrast extended life span and improved edge resolution. The lamp is cooled by turbine type silent fan.
Optional Accessories - Digital Micrometers 0-25mm. LC 0.001 mm., spare halogen bulbs 24V/150W, Objectives lenses 10x & 20x.

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