Jacketed Globe Valve

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Jacketed Globe Valve


Jacketed Globe Valve – Suitable for high temperature, pressure, abrasive slurry application.
Jacketed Globe Valve Manufacturer, Hot Oil, Steam Jacketed Globe Valve, Thermic Fluid, Thermal Oil, Therminol, Jacketed Globe Valve Suppliers, Stockist, Exporters, Importer, Suppliers, Stockist. Bolted Bonnet, Rising Stem, Hand Wheel Operated, Flanged End Jacketed Globe Valves. Pressure Rating in Class 150,300 & 600.

Full and Half Jacketed Globe Valve mostly used for Open / Close or Regulating the media flow and main advantage is one of the easiest valves to repair.

Nivz Jacketed Globe Valves are Bolted Bonnet construction and OS & Y Type design with T type body pattern. Bolted bonnet Jacketed Globe Valves are very easy to maintenance. 3 Way Jacketed Globe Valve also an option for Mixing & Diverting application and available with various operation like by manual hand wheel, pneumatic or motorized electrical actuator operated.

Jacketed Globe Valve design is Outside Screw & Yoke (OS & Y) type, which keeps the stem threads outside the valve and is suggested where high temperature, corrosive and abrasive solid particle in the line might damage the stem threads inside the valve.

To get better performance against high temperature all gland packing we use die molded pure graphite / grafoil rings and inconel wire based graphite asbestos cut braided rings.

All standard range of Jacketed Globe Valve manufacture with stainless steel 304/316/316l spiral wound gasket with graphite filled or graphite tensed gasket depends on flow media pressure and temperature.

Nivz Valves a leading exporter and manufacturer of various application suitable Full or Partial Half Jacketed Globe Valve with fully steam or hot oil jacketed.

Model Series JKGL15/30 each Jacketed Globe Valves design as per BS 1873/ASME B 16.34 Standard.

Jacketed Gate Valve largely use to sustain process media temperature during process to keep fluids at a lower viscosity to operate valve smoothly.

Each Full Jacketed Globe Valve body construction replace by adding minimum one size higher flanges to achieve proper tighten space of bolt and nut.

As example: for Full Jacketed Globe Valve Size DN50 x DN80 (2” x 3”), Jacketed Ball Valve has the nominal bore of DN50 (2” – 50MM) and the flange size DN80 (3” – 80MM), which allows enough space for bolting clearance after jacket fabricated (welded) on modified valve body. These types of jacketed globe valve termed as a Full Jacketed Gate Valve.

We are manufacturer of Full Jacketed Globe Valve in size from DN50 x DN 80 (2? X 3?) to DN150 x DN250 (6? x10?) and for Partial Half Jacketed Gate Valve DN50 (2?) to DN600 (24?)

Steam and Hot Oil Jacketed Globe Valves mostly use in application of Polymer, Bitumen, Liquid Asphalt, Coal tar, Lactum, Highly Viscous Media, Molten Sulfur or Sulphur. All Jacketed Gate Valves have standard Inlet & Outlet connection for Steam or Hot Oil circulation. Jacket connection can be Threaded (BSP / NPT Female) or Flanged End.

Nivz manufacturing Jacketed Globe Valve with different type of Disc as Regulating Disc, Flat Disc, Plug Type Disc, Guided Disc, Stellite-F6 etc to suit various application.

Jacketed Globe Valve available with body material CS-WCB, LTCS-LCC/LCB, SS304/316/304L/316L-CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M, Alloy20-CN7M, NACE MR-0175, Duplex Steel, Super Duplex Steel & Hastelloy C22/C276 Grade.

Different combination of jacketed globe valve body – bonnet material and jacket material to meet project process requirement. Various options are as per below:

Carbon Steel Body & Bonnet – Carbon Steel Jacket

Stainless Steel Body & Bonnet – Carbon Steel Jacket

Stainless Steel Body & Bonnet – Stainless Steel Jacket

Duplex Steel Body & Bonnet – Carbon Steel Jacket

Duplex Steel Body & Bonnet – Stainless Steel Jacket

Alloy 20 Body & Bonnet – Carbon Steel Jacket

Alloy 20 Body & Bonnet – Stainless Steel Jacket

Hastelloy C22 / C276 Body & Bonnet – Carbon Steel Jacket

Hastelloy C22 / C276 Body & Bonnet – Stainless Steel Jacket

More customized requirement also fulfill by us.

Nivz all full jacketed globe valve face to face distance we provide as per BS 1873/ANSI/ASME B 16.10 standard of oversize flange size which facilitate to replace in future with any standard non jacketed gate valve also.

Steam or Hot Oil Jacketed Globe manufacturing range covers various manifold such as Manual Hand Wheel operated / Gear operated / Pneumatic Spring & Diaphragm Type Actuator operated / Pneumatic Spring Return and Double Acting Cylinder Actuator Operated / Motorized Electrical Actuator operated.

Our supplied Jacketed Valve satisfactory performing at present in a country Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Israel, United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Turkey, Australia, Africa, Egypt, United States of America, Oman, Malaysia, Jordan, USA – America, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, India, etc.

Jacketed Globe Valve Application

Food Process Industries (Vegetable Oil, Chocolate, Sauce etc.)
Glycerin Bath Soap Manufacturing Plant
Lactum Application in Chemical Process Pipe Line
Industrial Molten Sulfur / Liquid Sulphur Media
Molten Naphthalene Service Application
Dry Bonding Chemical Application Service
Fertilizer Industries
Rubber Processing Industries
Coatings and Lamination Adhesive Media
Organic Chemical Manufacturing Plant
High Viscous Process Media Application
Bitumen / Asphalt / Coal tar Pipe Line
Paint Manufacturing Plant and Industries
Printing Ink Manufacturing Plant & Process Industry
Polymer Manufacturing Process Plant
Plasticisers and Resin Manufacturer Industries
UPR Resin, Polyester Resin & Various types of Resin
Varnish, Fluorochemicals, Polycarboline

Salient Features of Jacketed Globe Valve

All body and bonnet castings are precision machined to get better performance
Body Guided wedge gate ensures positive seating and eliminates side thrust.
Leak Tightness at High & Low differential pressure (Class IV)
Die molded flexible Graphite (Grafoil) Packing Rings
Spiral Wound Graphite Filled Gasket or Graphite Tensed Gasket
Controlled clearance between stem, gland and bonnet bushing for guaranteed low emissions and also suitable for higher temperature.
Swinging Type Eye Bolts facilitate easy access to the stuffing box.
Back seat arrangement for repacking of the stuffing box on line with the valve in fully open position.
Stellite-F6 Hard Face Disc / Plug, Seat Ring & Back Seat on order basis available for high temperature and pressure
Half and Full Jacketed Globe Valve as per requirement
Face to Face as per ANSI B 16.10 & BS 1873 Standard
Testing as per BS 6755/BS EN 12266/API 598/ISO 5208 Standard
High Tensile Steel Material Body + Bonnet Jointing Bolt, Stud & Nuts

Jacketed Globe Valve Body Material of Construction (MOC)

Cast Carbon Steel : A 216 GR WCB, K03504, 1.0460
Low Temperature Carbon Steel – LTCS : A 352 LCB, A 352 LCC, K03011, 1.0566
Alloy Steel Chrome Moly : A 217 C5, A 217 C12, A 217 C12A, A 217 WC6, A 217 WC9, K11752, K 21590, K41545, K90941, 1.7335, 1.7380, 1.7362, 1.7386, 1.4903
Austenitic Stainless Steel : A 351 CF8, A 351 CF3, A 351 CF10, A 351 CF8, A 351 CF3M, A 3510 CF10, A 351 CF8C, S30400, S30403, S30409, S31600, S31603, S31609, S34700, S31703, 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4550, 1.4438
Alloy 20 : A 351 CN7M, N08020, 1.4438
Duplex Steel 2205 : A 351 CD 3MN, A 890 J92205, S31803, S32202, 1.4462
Super Duplex Steel 2507 : A 351 CD4MCu, A 890 5A, S32750, 1.4501
Super Duplex F55 : A 995 CD3MWCuN, S32760
Hastelloy C-276 : A 494 CW 2M, N10276, 2.4819

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