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By MediAttics (30+ days ago)

Xanax is used to treat anxiety

Anxiety in the Soul
Anxiety in the soul is one of the most insidious conditions that can transform into a complex neurosis over time. Anxiety even in its lightest expression darkens life and can "program" a person's behavior on a certain pathological scenario.
"Something will happen" - and "something" certainly happens. And if "dashingly" has suddenly passed by - anxiety at heart will curtail into a peaceful slumbering of nerves for a short while and again will stir at the slightest threat to a safe and measured existence.
Well, when there are obvious prerequisites for the occurrence of anxiety. But the neurotic disorder most often has unclear reasons, deep down in the subconscious. Everyday and widespread anxiety can develop not only into an obsessive, persecuting state, but also become part of a mental disorder. So a small unsolved problem generates large ones.
Constant anxiety in the soul is a disease or a feature of "temperament"? How to organize life, so that the unpleasant symptom worries as little as possible? The good news is that there's really nothing to worry about. The neurotic problem is solved, but the treatment does not lie in the plane of the medications, as the pharmacy showcases and advertising slogans assure.

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