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Unfortunately, frequent companions of modern life are stress and overwork. The whirlwind of life requires us to be ready to confront the domestic turmoil, problems at work. When there are too many negative factors, a constant sense of approaching danger and threat can arise. This feeling is called anxiety, it can be a symptom of a disease, then doctors talk about anxiety. A person with anxiety can call his state of mind uneasy, rebellious. People become restless, expecting some kind of danger, although they may not know what form it will take or where to expect it from. In some cases, anxiety can lead to dizziness, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, fainting, and gastrointestinal disorders. Psychiatrists and psychologists sometimes use the term frustration to this state.

What Is ADHD - the Story
There are 3 unique forms of ADHD. ADHD isn't due to poor parenting, an excessive amount of sugar, or vaccines. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, meaning that it is a disorder brought on by issues in the growth or maturation of the brain. ADHD is quite a serious mental disorder that begins when the man or woman is no more than a little child. ADHD is regarded as a syndrome. Nevertheless, ADHD ought to be recognized or regarded as a difference in cognition, instead of a deficit. ADHD is a state of the brain which makes it difficult for children to control their behavior.
The cause of ADHD isn't very clear. ADHD has become the most frequent comorbid in Tourette. ADHD has become the most popular behavioral disorder in the United Kingdom. ADHD has become the most popular behavioral disorder in children. So, to distinguish between what is normal and what's related to ADHD, we have to examine the symptoms a lot more closely. The very best thing to do if you are feeling you have ADHD is to consult the recommendations of your doctor, since they will have the ability to recommend the ideal medication and the way to move forward.

Weight Loss
General information
Weight loss is a common symptom of diseases with reduced body weight. Rapid weight loss is called exhaustion or cachexia (the latter term is often used to refer to extreme exhaustion). Moderate weight loss can be not only a symptom of the disease, but also a variant of the norm, conditioned by the constitutional peculiarity of the organism, for example, in individuals with asthenic type of physique.

Depression. One of the most common causes of sudden weight loss. People who suffer from depression are disturbed by taste perception. Any meal seems tasteless, appetite decreases. In addition, neuroses and depression are often accompanied by exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for example gastritis. Discomfort after eating aggravates the symptoms.

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