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CI Soil Pipe


Soil pipe joints are drain pipes or waste pipes, which carry waste materials from plumbing furnishings or bathrooms, to where they are expected to be thrown out. Soil pipes are made of cast iron and are designed in ways that fulfill their objective.

Available in various standard programs, our broad range of soil pipes are produced using quality metals. These are accurately designed and find programs in conductor cords. Further, to match the different specifications of the customers, these pipes can also be designed in various other ways to meet their need. These are on high demand mainly in industrial areas as they are used as industrial effluents pipes, gas line pipes and sewage pipes to reduce pollution. They are also used as water pipes in many construction sites as well. Since long, our company has gained great appreciations in the industry for producing variety of soil pipes that are used. These are produced under tight quality tracking that guarantees qualitative variety of these fittings. The pipes are manufactured through most common Process with a product matrix as tabulated below showing different Technical details for soil pipes.

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CI Soil Pipe

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