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Kruger Park

By Kruger National Park (30+ days ago)

How to visit the Kruger: public areas and private areas

To understand the Kruger Park it is important that you must know where to go your visit to Kruger Park. The public one are the most extensive and their management is equally public, in them you can enter with your rental car, drive on its roads and set up your own safari at your own pace. There are camps and simple accommodations where you can find a bed but no food. It is the cheapest way to visit the Kruger.

On the other hand, there are private areas where you cannot move with your vehicle. There are hotels and lodges of good quality, with varied prices although pulling to high, in which the accommodation includes the entrance to the park, meals and two safaris with an off-road guide. In this way the possibilities of sighting animals multiply, vehicles can get out of the way and the rangers are expert crawlers capable of finding the most elusive animals.

The recommendation, if you have time, is to combine both types of safaris.

When to go to the Kruger Park

The Kruger National Park is open all year round, so you can go when it suits you best. In winter (from June to August) vegetation is lower and water is scarcer, making it easier to see animals, there is less vegetation to hide in, and they tend to concentrate on drinking water areas. In summer (from September to April) the foliage of the vegetation is thicker and it will be more complicated to see animals, but in return the landscape is much more spectacular.

How to get to Kruger Park

The park is not badly communicated and everything depends on how you plan your trip to South Africa. If you go with time and want to visit other areas of the country, it is not a bad idea to rent a car in Johannesburg and move with it. Up to Kruger you have about 6 hours, but it can vary more or less depending on where you want to enter it.

Types of safaris through the Kruger

As we say, if you have a vehicle you can make your own safari in the public area as you wish. You can enter, make your visit and go to sleep outside the park or you can spend the night in one of their camps, which is your thing. There are some basic rules with which you must comply: do not leave roads or roads, do not exceed the maximum speed (50 km / h on asphalt and 40 on dirt roads) and do not get out of the car except in the areas designated for it. . There are many other rules that you must comply with , such as obviously not littering or feeding animals.

And then, if you make an organized visit, you will see that the range of possibilities increases. You can do the classic safari in off-road, where you will go in a higher position with three rows of passengers; make a nocturnal safari, in which to look for the fauna that makes life when the sun goes down; or even to do a safari on foot, where to have greater sensation of proximity with the animals. All these possibilities depend on the company you choose to make your guided tours.

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