Kruger National Park

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Kruger National Park

By Kruger National Park (30+ days ago)

A complete guide About Kruger National Park

The visit to the Kruger national park is a must in every trip to South Africa. But the park is very large and has very diverse areas; it is convenient to plan the adventure in time. Here are 10 tips that will be very useful when you prepare your safari in Kruger Park:

1. How to get there

In the vicinity of the park there are three airports. By car there are six hours of good road from Johannesburg, the route is also very scenic and passes through places as beautiful as the Blyde River Canyon.

2. What does the entrance cost?

The park has different accesses. In all of them they charge a rate of 264 rand per day for adults and 9.5 Euros for children.

3. Public or private

The first thing to know about the Kruger is that most of its surface is public property, but there are also areas that function as private reserves. There are no fences between them so the animals move freely throughout that territory. The advantage of the public part is that you can enter driving your own car, but it is absolutely forbidden to get out of the way and many fewer animals are seen.

4 What are the best private reserves?

There are seven private reserves; in theory animals move freely by all, but the most famous and known for its density of animals is Sabi Sands.

5. At what time?

The Kruger can be visited all year round. In winter (from June to the end of August) the vegetation is dry and the landscape is harder, but the chances of seeing animals increase because they have to concentrate where there is water. In summer (from September to April) the landscape is greener and the animals can camouflage themselves better; large herds of mammals walk with their newly born calves, which is an added incentive.

6. Better, with a guide

A tip: do not save the money of a good guide. Going on your own will be cheaper, but you will not find out about anything. In private areas it is also mandatory to go with a guide.

7. Luggage

It depends on the time. In winter the temperatures oscillate between 8 and 15 degrees and it becomes necessary some shelter, especially at dusk and dawn. In summer, shorts and T-shirt are sufficent.

8. How many days do I need?

Obviously, the more game drives (safaris) you do, the more chances to see animals; although with a little luck in the Kruger you can see the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant) in a single day. At least you have to plan two days, with four game drives. Much better if you can be three days inside.

9. Who can organize it for me?

There are many local agencies that organize transfers and accommodation in Kruger. Adventure Africa is specialized in the market.

10. Some recommended hotels inside the park

In the Sabi Sands private reserve there are hyper-flow hotels, such as the Kirkman Camps, the chain & Beyonds or the Chitwa Chitwa. One very comfortable and cozy, but more reasonable price is the Cheetah Plains, almost on the border between Sabi Sands and Mala Mala.

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Kruger Park
Kruger Park (30+ days ago)
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Kruger National Park
Kruger National Park (30+ days ago)
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