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By Krisol Infosoft Private Limited (30+ days ago)

One of the key aspects organization has to address to is How to manage employees, their benefits, payrolls, assets, etc. and keep their data organized so that it can be availed whenever necessary.
Employee management is a key aspect to run your business successfully and hence this solution would provide your HR department with tools that make it easy to manage Employee details , benefits vouchers, etc.. It promotes a greener office by reducing paper utilization by more than 40%.
Another major issue is maintaining attendance, overtime details and calculating the salary for the same.
Our system is designed to address all issues related to HR and automating the workflow
• Manage multi Branch Employees.
• Manage Employees across Departments with Designation.
• Organization Chart of the Company.
• Manage Contacts and Holiday Master.
• Employee Detail management.
• Employee Detail management.
• Employee Task Management (Optional).
• Employee Attendance Management.
• Employee Payroll Management with different benefits for different employees.
• Automated calculation for overtime in Payroll.
• Asset Management.
• Employee Voucher Management.
• Pre-Formatted letters management. (Optional)
The solution helps to reduce your spending on support services for your employees and helps you focus more on key fields of manufacturing, products, services, ordering, billing etc. depending on your domain.
Our HRMS solutions is built to cater requirements across different industries , you can customize the product to your requirements at nominal costs.
Branch Master :
This feature helps your organization manage employees across locations. It allows you to assign HR to the branch or HR to a designated set of employees. Your organization can be accessed for entries [HRMS].
Department Master :
It helps to create departments in your organization to which employees will be assigned. It helps to create the structure of your organization [HRMS].
It helps to manage all possible designation inside a department. For example in HR Department , Jr. HR Executive, HR Manager, Sr. HR Manager, Chief Procurement Officer [HRMS].
Contacts :
A very important feature we have included after research is that HR executives require to maintain contacts of recruitment agencies for procurement, colleges for campus etc. [HRMS].
Employees :
Manage Employee details , documents, Essential information , Medical Documents in an organized manner [HRMS].
Payroll :
Add Fields applicable across employees in payroll Setup. Employee wise salary slip can be generated in PDF which mentions deductions as well as credits , vouchers as per head type designated in payroll setup. Taxes such as professional tax , TDS can be set and report for the same will be generated. Overtime can also be compensated via compensatory off or Salary for extra day [HRMS].
Letter Master (optional) :
Letter Master helps you organize and maintain pre-formatted letters such as appreciation letter , award letters , performer of the month etc. and can be printed against the employee with auto fill fields [HRMS].
Holiday Master :
Helps you manage holidays for festivals , public holidays were the office will remain closed and no attendance will be applicable [HRMS].
Leave manager(optional) :
Sick Leave, Casual and Paid Leave Permitted to permanent employees their values can be set as per HR Policy and helps in salary calculations , Leave balance calculations [HRMS].
Salary Processing :
End of the month , according to attendance, Holidays, Overtime Benefits , Salary will be calculated and a salary slip will be generated [HRMS].
Reports :
Various MIS reports on taxes, salary , Expenses in Voucher are generated by the system. Custom reports will be made at nominal extra costs [HRMS].

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