Cigar Glass Tube

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Cigar Glass Tube

By HeBei YuanBo Engineering Co., Ltd. (30+ days ago)

Cigar Glass Tube – Wide Range of Vials for Your Collecting Or Storing Needs
Three cigar glass tubes with cigars lying on the cigar box.
CGT-01: Cigar glass tube is widely used for cigar display and storage.
Cigar glass tube, similar to the glass test tube, has flat top and round bottom. It can be made of ordinary glass or high borosilicate glass for better performance.

Due to the high visibility and sealing closures, the cigar glass tube has two main function: storage and display. Most of all, the cigar glass tube can be customized with various logos, patterns and printings for high grade and beautiful.

If people don't plan to smoke one cigar for anywhere between a few hours and a couple days, they can choose cigar glass tube. The cork or plastic closure supplies an airtight and clean environments for one cigar. It will protect cigar from drying out.
Glass tube can supply maximum visibility for people to see cigars in the glass vials clearly. You can fill glass tube with your collecting cigars, such as Robusto, Dos Hermanos, Corona, Corona Gorda and Churchill.
The cigar glass tube can be customized according to your requirements through silk-screen printing and thermal printing. It can be added with patterns, logos, words and any you want.
Three cigar glass tubes with cigars and a cork stopper on the white background.
CGT-02: Logos or stickers can be customized.Three cigar glass tubes and one cigar in the center of tube. There are silk printed patterns on the tube.
CGT-03: Silk screen painting is available.
Specifications of cigar glass tube

Material: ordinary glass or high borosilicate glass.
Lid material: plastic or cork.
Cork shape: cone shape or T shape.
Customization: logo, silk-screen printing, thermal printing.
Features of cigar glass tube

High visibility.
Convenient for storage.
Customization available.
Applications of cigar glass tube

It is used for storage and display cigars.
It is used as storage glass tube for sweets, tea, condiments storage.
Two cigar glass tubes in a cup and one lying on the table with decorations on the bottleneck.
CGT-04: Cigar glass tube is customized with closures and decorative hanger.Two cigar glass tubes with cigars and plastic closure and one is decorated with ribbon.
CGT-05: Cigar glass tube is customized with logos and ribbons.
Four Cigar glass tubes are filled with different sugars and attached with a wooden spoon.
CGT-06: Cigar glass tube is used for filling sugar.A cigar glass tube with scented tea lying on the white background with several teas outside.
CGT-07: Cigar glass tube is used for filling scented tea.
Table 1: Common and Popular Specs of Cigar Glass Tube
Item Material Outer Diameter
(mm) Tube Thickness
(mm) Tuber Height
(mm) Cigar outer Diameter
(mm) Cigar Length
CGTS-01 ordinary glass 18 0.95 150 14 130–140
CGTS-02 high borosilicate glass 18 1.2 150 14 130–140
CGTS-03 ordinary glass 24 1.0 145/150 19/20 130
CGTS-04 high borosilicate glass 24 1.2 145/150 19/20 130
CGTS-05 high borosilicate glass 28 2.0 150 22.5/23 130
CGTS-06 ordinary glass 28 1.2 180 23/24 150
CGTS-07 high borosilicate glass 29 1.5 180 23/24 150
CGTS-08 ordinary glass 24 1.0 200 19/20 180
CGTS-09 high borosilicate glass 24 1.25 200 19/20 180

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