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By Eatglobe Arabic (30+ days ago)

Eatglobe News

We publish news in the categories food, drinks, animals, climate, drought, environment, faith & customs, farming, fishing, future food, hunger, ocean, video news and world trade. The news cover over 100 countries world-wide. The biggest number of news is on the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Brazil and India.

Food is what Eatglobe is about. Most of our stories, not only those in the food category, have to do with food, either directly or indirectly. Among the news stories in the food category are articles titled „Grasshoppers on Pizza? Only in Mexico City”, „This Year's First Oysters in Korea” and “Caviar Revivial Ambitions in Iran”.

In the drinks category we have stories like „China's Own Sparkling Soft Drink”, “Camel Milk from the Emirates” and “Wine Competition Between Moldova and Romania”.

Future Food
We have an own section for Future Foods, in order to showcase the richness of food innovation. Stories include “A Beef Burger Even Vegetarians Can Eat”, “Chefs' Favourite: Flour Made From Coffee” and “Food Packaging You Can Eat”.

Animals are highly affected by climate change and how we treat animals shows also our attitude vis-a-vis the planet and our environment. Examples for news on animals are “Warlord Kony Poaches Congo Elephants”, “Thai Crocodile Escsape Raises Questions” and “First GMO Clothing Line from Fake Spider Silk”.

Climate is the key issue deciding how our life on earth will look in future. Our climate news contain, among many others, the articles “India Still Betting on Coal”, “Taiwan to Half Its GHG Emissions by 2030” and “Deadly Heat Could Descend over Persian Gulf”.

With global warming, droughts become an ever more pressing issue. Our stories on drought include “Singapore Tackles Water Deficit”, “Using the Ocean to Fight Drought” and “Israel Can Help California”.

Sadly, many drought still lead to food shortages, malnutrition and outright hunger epidemics. Examples for our news coverage on hunger are “30.000 People Face Starvation in South Sudan”, “Famine Threatens Yemen, UN Warns” and “Food Crisis in Eastern and Southern Africa”.

The environment is where both the effects of global warming and of initiatives to slow it down become visisble. Our environment news have stories such as “Vietnam's Largest Waste Plant”, “Norway's Energy Plan for Europe” and “Yakutia's Glaciers Are Melting, Too”.

Faiths & Customs
With the articles in the Faith and Customs section we show both the variety and common humanity of the world's peoples. Stories published include “Why Russian Dip in Ice-Cold Water” Shiite Pilgrims Converging in Najaf” and “Hanukah Celebrations Throughout the World”.

Our stories on farming try to show how both environmental problems and their solutions are affecting. Examples are “Growing potatoes on Mars”, “Free Land in the Russian Far East” and “Nuts and Berries from Siberia”.

Oceans are a key element of our environment, showing both our sins against nature and being the object of clean-uo efforts. Our ocean stories include “Starfish Easts Away Australia's Corals”, “Cuba and US Cooperate on Marine Areas” and “US, China Agree on Sea Protection”.

Just as with farming, both today's problems and their solutions can be seen in the fishing sector. Examples for our stories on fishing are “Aquaculture in Bangladesh”, “Japanese Retailer to Sell More Certified Fish”, and “Ukraine to Produce Mussels, Oysters”.

World Trade
Finally, our World Trade section brings articles which reflect the benefits, problems and new trends emanating from globalisation. Articles include “EU-Morocco: Snail Pace”, “Is Britain Kowtowing to China?” and “Brazil Fights Modern Slavery”.

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