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By Dave Lund Tree Service and Forestry Co Ltd. (30+ days ago)

Of the numerous procedures involved in the maintenance of trees, tree pruning may be considered as the most common and perhaps the most critical one. It can have a huge impact on the health of the tree and the safety within the surroundings. Proper pruning reduces the possibility of the tree sustaining diseases and damage when exposed to the elements. Done properly, tree pruning greatly adds to the beauty, health and appearance of any tree. Pruning can also include thinning, house and neighboring clearances, and the removal of hazardous or damaged branches.. It has been shown the incorrect pruning may result to lasting damage to the tree and may even hasten its demise.

Choosing the right provider for this procedure is therefore very critical. There is a need to engage only the services of those trained extensively on the proper pruning techniques and aware of the pruning standards set by the industry. Our workforce has perfected these skills and has gained mastery through years of experience. We take care of your trees by observing safety practices that eliminate any possibility of damage and we make sure that the job is in accordance to specifications and requirements.

Contact us if you need assistance in not just in tree pruning but also in other tree problems.

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