: Push Notifications: A Great Tool to Keep Your Customers Engaged

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: Push Notifications: A Great Tool to Keep Your Customers Engaged

By Corfuit (30+ days ago)

Push Notifications: A Great Tool to Keep Your Customers Engaged
May 14, 2015 At 7:02 Pm
Page-1-Image-1We are living in the Dawn of Smartphone age. We use Smartphone while we sleep, eat, Drink …and the list goes on. How would you grab the attention of your customers when they have multiple applications installed on their personal devices? Here a question arises, that is, how many applications do we use frequently? May be a favorite game, a News App, a map or a navigator, social media apps and a few more.

Now if we think about it as a marketer for an app. How can we engage our customers to keep visiting our app or in simple terms how to increase traffic on our app or on our website?

If on locked screen of device, if we could send a small and concise message that may delight users, then it is highly probable that they’ll visit the app or redirected to the website. Or in other way, the icon of the app shows number of new updates or messages that could possibly delight the end user.

This is possible with the help of introducing push notification services to the mobile application.

So, what is push notification?

According to Apple*, a push notification is defined as “Send over-the-air alerts, such as news updates or social networking status changes.”
According to Google*, “It allows third-party application servers to send lightweight messages to their Android applications. The messaging service is not designed for sending a lot of user content via the messages. Rather, it should be used to tell the application that there is new data on the server, so that the application can fetch it. “
In simple terms: Push notifications are short and light weight messages from apps installed on a device displayed on the home or lock screen of the user’s phone, waking up the handset. They are generally accepted as a great way to bring app users back to your app.
These notifications are “pushed” by Native Push Channels to the users’ device.

Where can it be used?
Notify users of changes in league tables to encourage them to return to the app. Appeal to their competitive nature.
“Hi {First Name}, your top score has been beaten, log on now to compete.”


Drive users back to your retail app with attention grabbing offers and promotions, with a short snappy call to action to encourage “there and then” engagement.
“20% off today only, purchase before 12pm and you’ll get free next day delivery”


Update your users on what’s happening now; what do they really want to know that will make their lives easier?
“Your Radio2 podcast is now ready to download”
Don’t forget that everyone forgets, if your user is paying for a service from you, they’ll appreciate your help in remembering it!
“The new issue of Vogue is ready to read, get it now for your free scarf”


Business/ Internal-
Major business giants or large enterprises having their own apps, Push Notifications can be really helpful to create awareness about the urgent and important updates for staff for disaster recovery or event issues.

Benefits of push notifications in an App-

There are n numbers of reasons to use push notification in your app and they have numerous benefits in terms of engaging with customers and driving traffic, however it is essential to use them in a way that keeps customers connected, rather than annoyed.

The five major benefits of push notifications, how best to use them and what they can do for your app.
Push notifications informs users on new/updated information related to an app, providing valuable and relevant updates to customers, even when the app is closed.
For Example a message or a post on Facebook app, a news article updated on news app, or a new feature in a game.


Engage Users

A customer downloads n number of apps onto his mobile out of which 90% of the apps are inactive. They are often forgotten, lost in the sea of apps on users mobile. Push notifications allows developers to provide up-to-date relevant information to users, encouraging engagement, sparking recognition and increasing involvement.

User Control

User can change or customize the settings of the user mobile to view in terms of notification, greatly decreasing the chance of your updates annoying the users.
NDTV refers to the news app as an example of an app that is doing well in terms of letting users personalize/customize their notifications, “users can choose which news (All, Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment, etc.) they want to receive alerts in notification column as well as indicate a quiet time when they do not want to receive any notifications.”

Customer Behavior Insight
1) Push Notification provide valuable information on user behavior through the tracking of messages and the interaction times, devices, platforms and situations which generate the most engagement, revealing the time and location, reason and how users use your app.
2) Push notifications provides sophisticated analytics with data on delivery receipt, open rate time and engagement.


Ease of Use
Push notifications are a lot less messy then emails, they are quick to deal with and manage. They are simple, uncomplicated messages that provide only the essential information, making them user friendly and effective. On the developer side they are simpler to produce and cheaper than SMS. They provide valuable customer information, which is highly directed and specific, making it easy to translate into effective marketing strategies.

Complementary Communication Channel
Push Notification is used as powerful method of alerting customers of last minute deals, coupons and special deals. These additional messages form a complementary marketing channel where developers to communicate extra, value-adding information. The information to be displayed can be customized, especially for push notifications, ensuring their relevance and improving their importance to users.


Business view:
Today mobile apps are used as a channel to get more business, the benefits of mobile apps is clear. They increase the visibility and reach of a business and often become a very profitable retargeting sales channel.
Mobile apps, unlike mobile websites, possess qualities that other communication channels simply don’t measure up to because of how they interact with functionality built into a device hardware. The biggest benefit of mobile apps is the ability to deliver notifications that are instantly seen and – unlike other marketing messages – seen on the best digital real estate possible – the user interface of a consumer’s mobile phone. This is why most mobile push notifications are opened and read by 97% of app subscribers.”
As app use grows so does the need for developers to take advantage of the opportunity that push notifications offer. They are less interruptive than other forms of customer engagement and can be used to effectively bring in more traffic and add value for the user by pushing out useful information. However, it is essential this information is relevant and interesting, if not push notifications can become intrusive and annoying, leading to negative perceptions about your app.

How you can use push notifications to engage and retain customers?
Target your audience
Actively target your audience through in-app behaviors and data the user has already provided you with.

These include:
User preferences
Provide users the decision to opt in or out of notifications, and those who opt-in can be directed to define their preferences further. For example, users might want to receive Only the “Breaking News” of a news app.
Letting the user to choose their options to view the notification types they want to receive will make them more likely to opt-in. As long as the users are receiving relevant messages that add value, they will be willing to be interrupted.

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: Push Notifications: A Great Tool to Keep Your Customers Engaged
: Push Notifications: A Great Tool to Keep Your Customers Engaged (30+ days ago)
Push Notifications: A Great Tool to Keep Your Customers Engaged May 14, 2015 At 7:02 Pm Page-1-Im... Read More

: Push Notifications: A Great Tool to Keep Your Customers Engaged (30+ days ago)
Push Notifications: A Great Tool to Keep Your Customers Engaged May 14, 2015 At 7:02 Pm Page-1-Im... Read More