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Earth Rod

By Copper Earth Rod (30+ days ago)

Earthing Rods Manufacturer

Check out our wide range of Earth Rods in customizing dimensions, standards, grades, material and other specification for almost all industrial applications. We are also providing Bulk Manufacturing of Earth Rods. Feel free to contact us with your specific product requirements and specification. We also serve our products in many European Region like Germany, UK, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Netherlands and more.

Our Range of Products:

• Copper Earth Rods
• Copper Bonded Rods
• Threaded Copper Bonded Earth Rods
• Solid Copper Earth Rods
• Copper Grounding Rods
• Copper Clad Earth Rods
• Galvanized Steel Earth Rods
• Stainless Steel Earth Rods and more.

Earthing Rods Use:

• Earth Rods are Ideal for use in electrical safety purpose like earthing.
• For Ground or Earth Connection.
• For underground electricity distribution and transmission networks.

Materials Use for Industrial Earthing Rods:

• Copper – BS 2872 C 101102
• Solid Copper Alloys
• High-Grade Copper Alloys
• Electrolytic Copper Alloys
• CZ-360 High-Grade Brass
• Brass CDA-360
• Brass IS-319 Grade III and more.

Any type of information or query regarding Earth Rods products Pelase Contact Us

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A'Wing, 2nd Floor, Mhatre Pen Building, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W),, , Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, 400008, India
phone: 9323273004 fax: 22-24303131

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