Acupuncture clinic Chicago

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Acupuncture clinic Chicago

By Bridge to Health Acupuncture Clinic (30+ days ago)

According to the latest study, Acupuncture can be really very useful in reducing the level of the protein and it is linked to chronic stress. Acupuncture is a part of ancient treatment system also known as Chinese Medicine acupuncture. This is the best method of getting health, proper blood flow, increases the relaxation & feeling of wellness and finally reduces your stress level.

The most common facts about stress are:

1) Stress has been called “silent killer” because lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain and irregular heartbeat.

2) It is the myth that stress can cause hair to grey, but the fact is that stress cause hair to fail off.

3) Stress can alter Neuro chemicals in the body and cause different diseases.

4) Stress is linked to six leading causes of death in USA like heart disease, cancer, lung disease, accidents, liver cirrhosis and suicide.

5) Stress can cause any disease to got worse.

6) Chronic stress flood brain with powerful hormones that are meant for short term emergency situations. Chronic exposure to stress can damage, shrink and kill brain cells.

7) Chronic stress increase cytokenosis, which lead to inflammation. Chronic inflammation can damage blood vessels and other organs.

8) Stress can cause sugar levels to alter and that can cause symptoms like fatigue mood swings, hyperglycemia and metabolic syndrome. All these are major risk factors for heart attack and diabetes.

9) Stress reduction was one of the major health goals for the year 2000 according to Public Health Service.

10) Top three stressful cities in USA are: Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

In the recent years there have been many research studies regarding acupuncture and stress management. And conclusion is that acupuncture is safe and effective treatment for stress. One of the reasons is releasing of the hormone that is responsible for feeling good and happy. Also acupressure on specific acu points will reduce stress and improve stress level. Now days, many clinic are opened in various places of the world like Acupuncture clinic Chicago(Acupuncture Chicago) which are best in their business. Some people thought, is Acupuncture for fertility is effective or not and the answer is yes.

In this busy life, everyone is working hard for their families and for this, they have undergo a lot of stress. Depression can occur if you feel stress for a longer time. So, Acupuncture can be best medical treatment for relieving the stress as it relaxes the muscles of your body and you will feel relax. This method is not only used for relaxation but also for other health problems.

Acupuncturists believe that energy flows through the human body to the channels called meridians but increase in the stress level can cause imbalance in the energy flow in the body’s system. Acupuncture involves inserting of needles at the very important parts of the body to regenerate the proper flow of blood and energy in your body.

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Acupuncture clinic Chicago
Acupuncture clinic Chicago (30+ days ago)
According to the latest study, Acupuncture can be really very useful in reducing the level of the p... Read More