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Appalachian Antique Hardwoods

Our Story…150 years in the making.

Ask Zac Guy how it all started and he’ll point to an old black-and-white photograph of a sawmill, and a Springfield Model 1861 rifle, two precious heirlooms rich with family history. Zac first saw the photo, and heard it’s stories, as a young boy in his Great-Grandfather’s home. Among the men pictured is is Zac’s Great-Great-Great-Grandfather; the first owner of the rifle and founder of the sawmill. The sawmill’s specialty was American chestnut lumber, a wood prized among builders at the time for its strength and the ease which it could be worked.

American chestnut was an integral part of both the Eastern United States ecosystem and its economy until the chestnut blight essentially wiped out the hardwood tree’s population during the early 20th century. Mature specimens of American chestnut are now virtually nonexistent in the tree’s historical range. When Zac turned 16, his Grandfather presented a precious piece of family history to him to care for and cherish; the Springfield Model 1861 his ancestor had carried through the Civil War. When he took possession of the prized but well-used rifle, Zac could not have known the chain of events that would soon be set in motion. What he did know was that the historic rifle deserved better than to be tucked away in a closet. It deserved to be displayed in a manner that would please the eye and honor his ancestor’s memory.

Zac wanted to make a display case for the rifle – a display case made out of the same prized wood with which his Great-Great-Great Grandfather made his living; American chestnut. Zac learned that his high school coach had a neglected structure made from American chestnut on his farm that was available if Zac would disassemble it and remove it. After several weekends of hard work, Zac headed home with a pickup load of this beautiful chestnut when he stopped at a local filling station. Filling up at the next pump was a local builder who immediately recognized the cherished hardwood’s quality and asked to purchase a portion of it. Zac sold the builder most of the wood, keeping for himself just enough to construct his rifle display case. Using the proceeds from that first sale to buy an entire barn made of American chestnut; Zac took it down with help from his father and grandfather and sold the wood to the same local builder. A business was born.

4,500 barns and over 4,000 unique projects later, the business today isn’t fundamentally much different, just much larger. Still family centered and focused on preserving pieces of America’s heritage-rich past, Appalachian Antique Hardwoods does business throughout the United States and internationally. Serving discriminating homeowners, business owners, architects, interior design firms, and contractors, the company maintains its position as the industry leader in reclaimed woods and natural building components. The Appalachian Antique Hardwoods team can regularly be found on television, in magazines, or in lecture halls as educators in the field of reclaimed wood knowledge. Now based in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Waynesville, North Carolina, and only about 500 yards from where it all first began, we are still “Making History…Again.”®

Mission Statement

Appalachian Antique Hardwoods, LLC is the leader in providing the best reclaimed wood products available to our customers. Through superior quality programs, customer service, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Appalachian Antique Hardwoods, LLC is the industry leader.

Quality Statement

Appalachian Antique Hardwoods, LLC assures that every product received by our customers meets or exceeds our printed technical specifications. The result is very low waste factors, lower installation costs, and better value for our customers.

Keys to Being the Industry Leader

Grading: Providing Consistency

Not all reclaimed wood is suitable for use in the high-quality products that we offer. As a result, we require our production employees to successfully pass a rigorous job training program that certifies them to make grading decisions regarding our broad product line. This job training program ensures that although each board is unique and has its own story, it will still meet our uniform specifications in order to become a piece of Appalachian Antique Hardwoods product. The result is a long list of well-satisfied customers, with uniquely different needs, all enjoying how “We’re Making History…Again”®.

Kiln Drying : Ensuring Longevity and Stability

Reclaimed lumber is generally more stable than new lumber due to the years of expansion and contraction cycles that it has endured during its first service life as barn siding, structural industrial beams and timbers, or flooring. We employ the use of a dry kiln to further stabilize the wood prior to the milling process. Kiln drying our lumber helps our Certified Graders to identify potential issues with the structural integrity of the wood such as wind shake, cracking, and areas of increased moisture. By kiln drying all our our wood to a low uniform moisture content we are able to ensure that every piece lays flat and tight, is free from biological activity, will have an appealing scent, and will remain stable for generations to come.

Product Value: Delivering Value and Quality

Appalachian Antique Hardwoods, LLC ensures that our customers receive the highest value products available. We define product value as being the final installed cost per unit where our products are used. When comparing initial purchase price during your selection process, we recommend that you also compare quality standards, waste factor estimates, the production process, and the final product inspection techniques before buying. We are able to guarantee the best product value to our customers through a significant investment of time and financial resources in our quality program. This ensures that every customer receives the most value for their money.

Because the customer has a need, we have a job to do.

Because the customer has a choice, we must be the better choice.

Because the customer has sensibilities, we must be considerate.

Because the customer has urgency, we must be quick.

Because the customer has high expectations, we must excel.

Because the customer is influential, we have more customers.

Because of the customer, we exist.

Committed To Excellence


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Appalachian Antique Hardwoods
635 Sonoma Road, , Asheville, North Carolina, 28786, United States
phone: 877-817-7758

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