358 Anti Climb Fence

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358 Anti Climb Fence

By Anping Mengke Wire Mesh Manufacture Co Limited (30+ days ago)

358 anti climb fence, known as "prison mesh", is a high security anti-climbing and anti-cutting welded wire fence. Galvanized wire, commonly, is welded into fencing panels with extremely fine opening holes, which cannot be penetrated by hand fingers or cut by bolt cutters. Therefore it is highly recommended for high security needed area and private living field.

The name—358 high security fence comes from the size of panel mesh opening and wire diameter: 3'' × 0.5'' × 8 gauge, approximately equals to: 76.2 mm × 12.7 mm × 4 mm. As a welded wire fence, galvanized after welded and then PVC coated is recommended for a sturdy structure and corrosion resistance ability.

Black PVC coated 358 anti-climb fencing panels jointed together with posts to protect a single-storey red brick house.
358ACF-01: Black PVC coated 358 anti-climb fence is more in harmony with residential and commercial places.358 anti-climb fencing system surrounds a yellow factory with razor wires on the top of it.
358ACF-02: Together with razor wire, 358 anti-climbing fence deters intruders and provides a high degree of security.
358 anti climb fence features:

Anti-climb: The opening holes are so small that even fingers cannot penetrate in.
Anti-cut: Bolt cutter and wire cutter cannot make itself through the narrow holes, therefore the fence won't be destroyed.
Strong welded point: The welded joints are fixed firmly, won't split by natural human and nature force.
Smooth surface: The panel finish surface is well-proportioned for a decorative effect.
Durable: The panel sheet is galvanized uniformly and PVC coated, which ensures a long service life.
358 anti climb fence application:
358 anti climb fence is a high secure fence, suitable places include:

Military sites.
Detention center.
Psychiatric hospital.
Shipping port.
Power plant.
Petroleum and chemical facilities guarding.
Industrial and commercial property, etc.

358 mesh panel size
Mesh pattern: 76.2 mm (3") × 12.7 mm (0.5").
Wire diameter: 4 mm horizontal wire and vertical Wire.
Weld strength: range 540–690 N/m2.
Surface treatment: 358 mesh fence panels made from galfan wire, then PVC powder coating (Min. 100 micron), or PVC powder painting. It provides additional protection and increases the potential life span.
Colors: green (RAL 6005), black (RAL 9005). All RAL color is available.
Accessories: posts, post base feet, barbed wire, slotted clamp bars, post cap, bracket, bolts, spacer, nuts, washer, clips, etc.
Fence posts
Material: high grade steel for maximum strength and rigidity.
Post section: 60 × 60 mm, 80 × 80 mm, 100 × 100 mm, 120 × 120 mm.
Post Plate thickness: 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm.
Finish: inside and outside galvanized (Min. 275 g/m2), subsequently covered with a polymer powder (Min. 60 micron ).
Colors: same as panel.
Post cap: metal caps or plastic cap.
Metal clips and clamps are hot dip galvanised then powder coating in green or black color.
Table-1: 358 mesh fence specifications
Product ID Fence height (m) Panel size (height × width) (mm) Fence post (height × size × thickness) (mm) Clamp bar (height × width × thick) (mm) Inter or corner clamp no (pcs)
358F01 2.0 2007 × 2515 2700 × 60 × 60 × 2.5 2007 × 60 × 5.00 7 or 14
358F02 2.4 2400 × 2515 3100 × 60 × 60 × 2.5 2400 × 60 × 5.00 9 or 18
358F03 3.0 2997 × 2515 3800 × 80 × 80 × 2.5 2997 × 80 × 6.00 11 or 22
358F04 3.3 3302 × 2515 4200 × 80 × 80 × 2.5 3302 × 80 × 6.00 12 or 24
358F05 3.6 3607 × 2515 4500 × 100 × 100 × 3.0 3607 × 100 × 7.00 13 or 26
358F06 4.2 4204 × 2515 5200 × 100 × 100 × 4.0 4204 × 100 × 8.00 15 or 30
358F07 4.5 4496 × 2515 5500 × 100 × 100 × 5.0 4496 × 100 × 8.00 16 or 32
358F08 5.2 5207 × 2515 6200 × 120 × 120 × 5.0 5207 × 100 × 8.00 18 or 36

Our fence wire diameter varies from 2–6.5 mm, mesh opening could be 75 mm × 12.5 mm, 100 mm × 15 mm, other opening size available under request.
Maximum width is 2.515 m. 2.0 m and 2.2 m is also available under request.
Fence height varies from 2.0 m to 5.2 m.
3 m height fence is usually used in school, residential and recreational sites, 5.2 m height used in prison and military establishments.
Our 358 high security mesh fencing could be manufactured with double layers of vertical wires in order to satisfy the highest level of security requirement.
A red bolt cutter nips chain link fence, but cannot even stretch into small holes of 358 fence.
358ACF-03: Bolt cutter cannot even stretch into small hole of 358 fence, no mention of cutting.An electronic ruler is measuring the width of s opening hole, and the result shows 4.0 mm.
358ACF-04: The wire diameter and mesh opening follow strictly the standard size.

Panels could be overlapped 75 mm minimum at each post and fastened with a slotted clamp bar and bolts. (see picture 358FI-05 below)
Panels could be bind together without overlap but by brackets. (see picture 358FI-06 below)
Spacing between brackets in post would better be 0.3 m.
A full installation guide is available under request.
Two green PVC coated panels overlapped 75 mm together and fastened by clamp bar and bolts.
358ACF-05: Two panels were installed into a narrow post with 75 mm overlap for a solid structure.Two green coated panels installed into a post by green brackets and bolts without overlap.
358ACF-06: Two panels were installed into a wide post with brackets without overlap but still firm.
358 mesh fence panels packaging:
358 mesh fence panels packed in wooden pallets and enveloped by plastic film then wrapped by tape firmly for the security of storage and transportation.

358 mesh fence panels were packed in pallets and enveloped by plastic film stored in warehouse waiting for delivery.
358ACF-07: 358 mesh fence panels packed in pallets and then enveloped by plastic film for transportation and storage.

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