Air Compressor Parts manufacturers

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Air Compressor Parts manufacturers

By Air Bladder For Mud Pump (30+ days ago)

Working time>2000H
Initial pressure difference<0.02MPa
Residual oil amount<3PPM
Air compressor modelsOriginal filter part No.Air compressor modelsOriginal filter part No.
AS31/36/44/47 NEW6.2011.0DSD141/171/201/241/281NEW6.3535.0
AT31/36/476.2011.0ESD251/301/351/361 NEW6.3559.0
AT31/36/47 NEW6.2011.0ESD4416.3559.0
BS44/50/51/60/616.2012.0ESD441 NEW6.3559.0
BS51/BS61 NEW6.1960.0ESG240/250/280/3006.2015.0
BSD62/72/81 NEW6.3569.0FS360/440NEW6.2134.0
CS76/91/121 NEW6.2013.0FSG360/4406.2015.0
CSD82/102/122 NEW6.3571.0GS590/4406.2134.0
?REMARK: We can provide the replacement part of famous brands.

Why air compressor air oil separation barrel will go in the water?
Screw air compressor air oil separation barrel, mainly The compressed air and oil separated,compressed air cleaner, allow oil recycling.Air oil separation barrel into the water is a relatively common phenomenon, then what causes its water is it?
Screw compressor outlet line provided with a check valve,
High temperature and pressure of the wet air through the screw air compressor exhaust valve discharge,
After a post-stage cooler still some entrained oil, water composition.Although the screw air compressor after the second and third level between the cooler and the last cooler are equipped with gas-water separator,Used to separate the moisture generated during compression, but the actual operation is not satisfactory.
Since the screw compressor stop long standby time,exhaust generated water gathered in the pipeline and around the check valve,resulting in water back to the internal chassis, lubricating oil moisture gradually increased,eventually leading to high-pressure screw air compressor alarm and fault shutdown.
When disassembling stop screw compressor outlet line,found that the tube has a large number of milky white liquid outflow, indicating that the screw air compressor exhaust water content seriously exceeded.According to the operating requirements of screw air compressor,screw compressor should be provided with a minimum operating time, to prevent the formation of condensation,Because condensate will cause the cylinder valve, rack parts, etc. rust.Accumulation of condensate in the crankcase may result in an incorrect reading of the oil level.Water and oil can not be mixed, their coexistence caused rapid deterioration of oil.The minimum operating time is generally not less than 10min,it should be sufficient such that the screw compressor is heated to condense vaporized moisture.Air Compressor Parts manufacturers

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